Jubilee Garden. London:  the second version (2012)
a project  by the West8 office of Adriaan Geuze

"Jubilee Gardens is a public park created in 1977 (the year of Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee). It remained little but a lawn for the next 35 years. The Jubilee Gardens Website described the 2012 redesign as follows: 'Currently a flat and featureless patch of grass, the gardens will be transformed into a new green landmark for London, reflecting their location opposite the Houses of Parliament and next to the iconic London Eye, Shell Centre and Southbank Centre"

view of the future gardens in 1958, 5 years after coronation of Queen Elizabeth the second
view from the parlament houses
detail from: link1; link2

first version 1977:
"The silver jubilee version"
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Seen from S.Paul's in 2011 (by Filipe G Teixeira)

 Seen from the south bank 2011  (by Filipe G Teixeira)

Jubilee garden 2011  (by Filipe G Teixeira)

 aerial view

Jubilee garden the second version (2012)
"the diamond jubilee version"
"The 2012 Jubilee Gardens renovation was completed in time for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and in readiness as a public venue for the London 2012 Olympic Games. The park, a spectacular green public space along the Thames is a focal point on the South Bank, adjacent to the London Eye, between Festival Hall and County Hall.  Slightly elevated from street level, the gently sloping topography celebrates the most wonderful view in London. The undulation, the dramatic river views, the romantic green surface, in combination with the crisp white granite edges (in reference to the English cliff coast), make the park a clearly identifiable"

the jubilee site in time:

Canaletto view of Westminster Bridge (the jubilee site on the left) 1850
 Canaletto view of Westminster Bridge in reparatur (the jubilee site on the left) 1854
 William Daniell's Westminster Bridge & Abbey from the Adelphi (the jubilee site in 1805 year of  the Battle of Trafalgar)

the jubilee site in 1951 Festival of Britain

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