Women in the Dirt

Synopsis: Women in the Dirt is about the groundbreaking work of seven landscape architects. Their projects highlight both their architectural and landscape principals while passionately advocating sustainability and beauty. The scope of their work ranges from private homes to vast public projects; landmarks such as National Parks in San Francisco, the Los Angeles River and creating magnificent boulevards in Los Angeles.
Through conversations with the designers in their offices, or outdoors in the stunning spaces they’ve designed, the film explores each woman’s philosophy and approach to their discipline.

Women in the Dirt shows that, beyond the squares of lawn and concrete, in suburban sprawl, a new landscape approach is being adopted. It is elegant and beautiful, and most importantly, it is sustainable. Women in the Dirt shows how these masters, create the sublime.

The film highlights how the role of women has helped shape the profession of landscape architecture for over a hundred years. Some of the gardens featured in the film are amongst the most photographed gardens in the world. This film recognizes the contributions of women as both artists and scientists, as it documents the beautiful, practical and eco-conscious works they create all over the Mediterranean climate zones of California.


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