The Lurie Garden with Piet Oudolf

The Lurie Garden is “a jewel in the crown of Millennium Park” remarks Piet Oudolf.
This 9 minute video will introduce you to the year round experience of the garden as it evolves through the seasons with color, texture, and form. Oudolf shares his planning philosophy, his ideas about sustainability, specific plant information and his approach to establishing “a prairie in the city”.
This five acre park is energized by the context of the extraordinary museum campus, Lake Michigan, the architecture of Daniel Burnham, Renzo Piano, and Frank Gehry; the sculpture of Jaume Plensa and Anish Kappor. It has provided a destination for visitors from around the world, the country, and the neighborhoods of Chicago, all coming to discover authentic experiences for themselves. 
Within the Lurie Garden visitors will see plants that have typically only been found in the wild composed in a breathtaking way so that the garden is an ever changing composition, displaying many moods throughout the year.

The Lurie Garden with Piet Oudolf from tom rossiter on Vimeo.

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