International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens : Museumplein of Amsterdam

Como atrás referimos a efemeride dos 120 anos do Royal Contergebouworket Amsterdam , aproveitamos -apesar do atraso- para remeter os visitantes deste blog para o vencedor do premio scarpa para os jardins de 2008 : o museumplein , a extensa area verde que "une" 3 importantes edificios , o Rijks museum o museu van gogh e obviamente a sala de concertos do royal concertgebow

The jury of the International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens has decided to dedicate the 2008 award to the Museumplein of Amsterdam, a key open space for the life of the city and for the major cultural institutions that give onto it, an emblem of the radically new approach pursued by the Public Administration at the end of the XX century, designed and coordinated by the landscape expert Sven-Ingvar Andersson.

The project is an excellent example of how a clear idea, skilful coordination and community involvement were able to transform an enormous, traffic-ridden and historically unstructured area into a place which, despite its visible organizational problems, eloquently speaks the language of poise and dignity, a “campo dei musei”, a vast lawn in dialogue with the open sky, freely embracing nature, light, water and trees, the presence of citizens and visitors and even great public gatherings.

The design and management of the transformation of the Museumplein together constitute a masterly example of the art of landscape directed in this case at showing the stupendous power of simplicity.»

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