Student Competition 2010 IFLA

Submission deadline: 31 March 2010

The competition invites submissions from teams of students in Landscape Architecture programs or other allied disciplines.The objective of this competition is to encourage and recognize superior student environmental design work that addresses and attempts to find solutions for the various issues and challenges that face future generations and the landscape architecture discipline in making the world a better place to live in.

Following the theme of IFLA 47th World Congress to be held in Suzhou, China in May 2010, Harmony and Prosperity: Traditional Inheritance and Sustainable Development, participants can submit entries related to the following sub-themes:

1. Protection of Natural and Cultural Resources
Strategy, methodology, policies, laws and regulations dealing with protection of natural and cultural resources.

2. Eco-system Rehabilitation/Restoration/Development
Developing and implementing plans to rehabilitate, restore or create functional ecology-based landscape systems, ranging from small scale projects within communities and villages, to larger scale projects, such as brown-fields, urban green spaces and urban-rural green space systems.

3. Landscape Planning and Design
Contemporary planning processes and designs for landscape projects such as parks, plazas, institutions, campuses, residences, garden expos, sports and recreational facilities and waterfronts, etc.

4. Landscape Architectural Education
Goals, guidelines, standards, courses, teaching methods and accreditation and links to licensing of practitioners.

5. Sustainable Landscape Construction and Technology
Recent research and applied technology in sustainable practices for such projects as wetland treatment, water-saving irrigation, high-tech waterscape and lighting, rainwater collection, storm water management, and energy conservation, for both landscapes and structures, especially within parks.

6. Landscape Stewardship and Management
Laws, regulations, standards and guidelines for landscape stewardship and management at local, national and international levels.

7. Landscape Planting
Planting design and materials selection, and standards and guidelines for plant materials installation, and landscape maintenance and management.

Entries must specifically address the preservation, restoration or rehabilitation of urban historic sites in the countries in which students live and/or study, and demonstrate a creative approach and thinking in their projects, so that the value and spirit of the place are cherished and preserved, while satisfying the needs of modern society, such as accessibility, sustainability, etc.

Prizes will be awarded considering the following criteria:

  • Effective investigation of the competition topic
  • Illustration of best methods for improving the standards and practices of landscape architecture
  • Evidence of reflection and concern for environmental, cultural, historical, and other contextual issues
  • Integration of both practical and aesthetic aspects of landscape architecture

Entry submission deadline: 31 March 2010
Jury session and notification of winners: April 2010
Selected competition submissions on exhibit at the 47th IFLA World Congress: 27-30 May 2010
Presentation of prizes at the closing ceremony at the 47th IFLA World Congress: 30 May 2010

1st Prize GROUP HAN Prize for Landscape Architecture ($3,500 US, certificate)
2nd Prize IFLA Zvi Miller Prize ($2,500 US, certificate)
3rd Prize CHSLA Award ($1,000 US, certificate)
Jury Awards 9-15 selected entries (certificate)

Further Information:
Prof. Xiaoming Liu
2010 IFLA Student Competition Director
Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture
9 Sanlihe Road, Beijing 100835, China
Tel.: +86-(0)10-88 08 25 68
Fax: +86-(0)10-58 93 39 18

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