Já Começou a Triennale de Apeldoorn :
100 Dias de Cultura , Jardins e Paisagem 11 de Junho a 28 de Setembro
100 days of landscape experiences with specially-designed cycling and walking tours.… 100 days of landscape as muse for an array of beautiful exhibitions … 100 days of a mile-long floral border, the unique Royal Mile… 100 days of debates and readings on landscape themes. The International Triennial Apeldoorn is an ambitious event. It will appeal to a broad public as well as being relevant to the professional world of landscape architecture. It is a platform for debate. As well as a platform for lively debate it also provides an opportunity to enjoy landscapes in all its varied forms indoors and out.
The International Triennial Apeldoorn seeks a balance between heritage conservation and the landscapes of the future, between local substance and an international significance, and between professional practitioners and the general public.
Para além de todos os eventos uma oportunidade para visitar um espaço cheio de História ...da Arquitectura Paisagista
o Palacio de Het Loo:

o Site do Municipio de apeldoorn

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