Premio Scarpa 2009

Otaniemi Chapel
The International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens
twentieth edition, 2009
Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche
Otaniemi Chapel and TKK's Otaniemi campus

«A small masterpiece by the architects Kaija (1920-2001) and Heikki (1918-) Siren, the Otaniemi Chapel has stood since the mid-1900s in a forest glade on the highest point of the peninsula to which the distinguished campus of the Helsinki University of Technology was moved at around the same time. The masterly simplicity and transparency of the building draws revelation of the sacred from nature and confers sense and measure on a space that provides an educational experience, spiritual and social, cultural and musical, for the entire community of families and students. Nature, architecture and society thus come together in this remarkable crucible of form and life, the site to which the Jury has unanimously decided to award the seal of the XX International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens.The site embodies the fundamental features of an anthropology for which nature, and in particular the forest, which covers two thirds of Finland, is the principal source of life, the most abiding and profound link with its history and a comforting, contemplative sanctuary. In the minute scale of a work commissioned by a student association, in the subdued, oblique light of its spaces, what strikes one most of all is the primacy of nature, the pantheism almost, which informs the stones and the mosses, the sea glimpsed beyond the trees and the houses, the bricks and the wood of which the chapel is built and the geometry of parallel vertical lines through which the firs and the birches set scale and rhythm for human spaces.»

extract from the Jury’s Report

The Otaniemi chapel in Espoo near Helsinki, Finnland, designed 1957 by Kaija and Heikki Siren

This architectonic icon forms an important part of the Otaniemi campus where among others the Technical University of Helsinki is situated

Thursday 7th May 2009, 6.30 pmTreviso, spazi BombenLuoghi 1990-2008inauguration of the exhibition dedicated to the first 19 prizesopened until Sunday 28th June
Friday 8th May 2009, 9.30 am-6.30 pmTreviso, spazi BombenLuoghi 1990-2008seminary dedicated to the first 19 prizes
Speakers :
Teresa Andresen (Portugal), Carmen Añón (Spain), Margherita Azzi Visentini (Switzerland), Hervé Brunon (France), Cristian Alexandru Damian (Rumania), Nataša Jovičić (Croatia), Maarten Kloos (Netherlands), Luigi Latini (Italy), Domenico Luciani (Italy), Rachele Martini (Switzerland), Monique Mosser (France), Lionello Puppi (Italy), Tom Simons (Finland), José Tito Rojo (Spain), Massimo Venturi Ferriolo (Italy).
Friday 8th May 2009, 6.30 pmTreviso, spazi Bomben Otaniemi Chapel, Espoo,
Helsinkiinauguration of the exhibition dedicated to the prize 2009opened until Sunday 28th June
Saturday 9th May 2009, 10 am-1 pmTreviso, spazi BombenOtaniemi Chapel, Espoo,
Helsinkiseminary dedicated to the prize 2009
With contributions and testimonies of Kirsi, Hannu e Jukka Siren, sons of the architects authors of the Chapel; Juha Lassila, Chaplain of the campus of Otaniemi; Vilhelm Helander, Staffan Lodenius, Tom Simons, exponents of the Finnish culture and architecture.
Saturday 9th May 2009, 5 pm-7 pmTreviso, Municipal TheatreOtaniemi Chapel, Espoo, Helsinki
the award ceremony
Introduction of Domenico Luciani, with pictures and videos; reading of the Jury’s Report and delivery of the Carlo Scarpa’s seal of the Federation of Espoo Parishes; with contributions of Juha Lassila, Chaplain of the campus of Otaniemi; Kirsi Aropaltio, Kaija e Heikki Siren’s daughter; Pauli Mäkelä, Ambassador of Finland in Italy.
Concert with Lieder of Jean SibeliusAlda Caiello, soprano; Laura De Fusco, piano.The ceremony will be concluded with a toast.


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