Contemporary landscape design has all the opportunities for creating new sustainable urban landscapes. Exchanging of opinions and experiences of specialists from different countries can be very important and even crucial in searching for innovative landscape design approaches. St. Petersburg has unique opportunities for organizing such exchanges of opinions between different countries. St. Petersburg School of Landscape Architecture is rooted in Western as well as in Russian traditions and historical parks and gardens are the part of UNESCO Heritage.

Main themes of this conference are:

• East –West: methods of integration in contemporary landscape design;

• Innovations in landscape design;

• New perspectives and dimensions in contemporary landscape design.

On 10th and 11th of June there will be conference presentations. On 12th June we will offer a field discussion (visiting contemporary examples of landscape architecture). The conference is also offering a pre- and post-conference tour (visiting famous historical parks and gardens in St. Petersburg and its suburbs).

Foreign and Russian specialists are invited to share their experiences.

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