Tres visoes da historia : em Documentarios

Kenneth Clark Civilisation : A Arte como factor principal da Historia e Civilizacao humana
Emitida no ano de 1969 , em 13 episodios será o modelo para as restantes series que aqui descrevo e ainda Cosmos de Carl Sagan.

Os Episodios:
The Skin of our Teeth (Dark Ages)
The Great Thaw (12th century)
Romance and Reality
Man - the Measure of all Things (Renaissance)
The Hero as Artist (List of Renaissance figures)
Protest and Communication (Reformation)
Grandeur and Obedience (Counter-Reformation)

The Light of Experience (Baroque)
The Pursuit of Happiness (Rococo)
The Smile of Reason (Age of Enlightenment)
The Worship of Nature
The Fallacies of Hope (Romanticism)
Heroic Materialism

Jacob Bronowski The Ascent of Man : A Ciencia e a Tecnica como factor principal da historia e civilizacao humana .
Emitida em 1973 , seguindo o sucesso de Civilisation esta visao da historia é uma especie de contraponto a visao de Clarck .

Os Episodios:
"Lower than the Angels - (describes evolution of the head)"
"The Harvest of the Seasons - (agriculture and the first settlements)"
"The Grain in the Stone - (tools, early human migration)"
"The Hidden Structure - (fire, metals and alchemy)"
"Music of the Spheres - (the language of numbers)"
"The Starry Messenger - (Galileo's universe)"
"The Majestic Clockwork - (explores Kepler and Newton's laws)"
"The Drive for Power - (the Industrial Revolution)"
"The Ladder of Creation - (Darwin and Wallace's ideas on the origin of species)"
"World within World - (the story of the periodic table)"

"Knowledge or Certainty - (There is no absolute knowledge)"
"Generation upon Generation - (cloning of identical forms)"
"The Long Childhood - (The commitment of man) "

David Attenborough Life on Earth : A historia e evoluçao da vida na terra como factor do equilibrio... civilizacional:"man has an unprecedented control over the world and everything in it. And so, whether he likes it or not, what happens next is very largely up to him" -palavras finais de Attenborough em Life on Earth.
A primeira temporada da Serie "Life" que termina em 2008 com a 9ª temporada. Life on Earth emitida em 1979.

Os Episodios:
"The Infinite Variety"
"Building Bodies"
"The First Forests
"The Swarming Hordes"
"The Conquest of the Waters"
"Invasion of the Land"
"Victors of the Dry Land"
"Lords of the Air"
"The Rise of the Mammals"
"Theme and Variations"
"The Hunters and Hunted"
"Life in the Trees"
"The Compulsive Communicators"

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